Note Ratthakorn Komol
โน๊ต รัฐกรณ์ โกมล
2021 Disrupted World
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Note Ratthakorn Komol
Note Ratthakorn Komol
อิสระ (Independent Artist)
Note Ratthakorn Komol, Composer, Music Producer My music career as a music composer at Studio for 3 years, composing and producing music for a large numbers of Thai films, TV dramas and advertising. My achievement includes being of the composers of a national project of the Phra Maha Chanok The Phenomenon live musical show for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej that featured the orchestra compounding of 60 musical instruments, three songs of mine was featured in the live musical performance of Mahajanaka The Phenomenon Live Show in honor of H.M. the King Bhumibol Adulyadej on his 87th birthday. The show performed for 20 days by full Orchestra in Benjakitti Park, Bangkok attracting over thousands audiences. The show was also broadcasted on TV to celebrate the auspicious occasion together. I then have become an assistant music composer for Mr. Pongprom Snitwong na Ayuthaya, a renowned music composer in Thailand. In 2014, my Film music composition from 3 A.M. Feature Film was nominated in best Film music score of The Thai Golden Award. In 2016, I established my own studio called “SAINAM TUANOTE Music Studio” to support my clients for composing and producing music for films, TVs and advertising.