2021 Have You Ever
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Have You Ever
อิสระ (Independent Artist)
'mindfreakkk' is an artist whose songs are inspired by mental health and influenced by synth pop music. It all started when her boyfriend, Tanskul, encouraged her to explore writing music for the first time in 2017. She was quite nervous at first since she has not yet mastered any musical instrument. Fortunately, with a huge support from Tanskul, she found a way to compensate for her insecurities with the passion to write lyrics. Eventually they released a song called ‘Pluto Bay’, which successfully entered ‘Fungjai’s Top 20 charts and remained there for about six weeks. Since it's one of the songs that she is proud of, ‘Pluto Bay’ will be remastered as one of mindfreakkk’s singles. In which, 'Have You Ever' is considered as it's sequel. She discovered that it’s easier to write about her feelings into songs than say them out loud. It’s like a hidden message for all of those who are close to her. And also hope that it could speak for other people as well.